James D. Kleiner


James D. KleinerEsq. – Partner

Over the last 40 years James has been able to represent major shipowners, marine terminals, energy companies, traders, brokers, and commodity companies in the areas of chartering, marine insurance, maritime transactions, logistics, oil & gas, and other commercial matters which only arising under maritime law. Since many of James clients disputes arise under transactional documents, James has a particular set of skills in representing domestic and international clients before mediators and arbitrators. However, James does not shy away from litigating in federal and state court when the circumstances require.

One of James’ main strategies in representing his clients is to fully understand the issues presented and to establish a line of communication with the opposition at the outset of disputes. He understands that the real problems that arise in business transactions are not best solved before a judge or arbitrator, but rather the best outcomes are always to ensure the business relationship between the parties continues. That’s why James always strives to negotiate mutual agreements between the parties before demanding arbitration or filing a complaint before the courts. With James’ years of expertise and experience in the field of maritime law, he is one of the most well-known maritime attorneys in New York City and is consistently called upon for his extensive negotiating skill and passion to represent clients.

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