Marine Transactions

Marine Transactions

HBN attorneys are especially suited to provide legal advice in all matters relating to the negotiating, drafting, and formulating contracts associated in the maritime and logistics industry. Our attorneys represent clients in relation to all-types of charter parties, contracts of Affreightment, purchase and sales agreements, ship refinancing, and facility construction. One major aspect of HBN’s expertise is to gather information, research, and analyze contractual disputes from the standpoint of the client – always attempting to salvage the business relationship and come to a business solution prior to incurring the costs associated with litigation. Suffice it to say, HBN always stands ready and willing to represent clients before a panel of arbitrators or a judge. In almost all maritime contracts – whether it be charter parties, contracts of Affreightment, purchase and sale agreements, or memorandums of understanding – there will be some type of clause contained within such contracts requiring disputes to be resolved in arbitration. Arbitration allows for faster resolutions and a significant reduction in legal expenses to pursue disputes before the courts. Although, arbitrations may occur in many different forums and venues, a large number of arbitration clauses call for arbitration before a three person panel of arbitrators from the Society of Maritime Arbitrators in New York. HBN’s location in the financial district of Manhattan and expertise in the field of alternative dispute resolution gives clients an upper hand in arbitration proceedings taking place in New York. If a commercial solution is the better place for shipowners to begin resolving its disputes, then mediation or settlement discussions are always a good place to start. HBN attends hundreds of mediation and settlement conferences every year in order to minimize a shipowners liability and salvage the business relationships, while understanding that its liability may be very clear.

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