Marine Salvage & Pollution

Marine Salvage & Pollution

Salvage can encompass many different scenarios, such as towing or repairs, those scenarios are generally worked out between businesses and never reach the desks of an attorney, so when a salvage case does come in, its for something greater, such as refloating or recovering.

For instances of marine salvage, you need only remember the ship blocking the Suez Canal in 2021. A salvor, if successful in completing its salvage operations is entitle to a salvage reward. These rewards may be based on one of two concepts: contract salvage or pure salvage. Under contract salvage, the salvor and ship owner enter into a fixed deal or time/materials deal to conduct the salvage operation. Under a pure salvage regime, there is not contract and the salvage is based primarily under merits of the salvage and requires an imperil ship, a voluntary mission, and success in some part of the salvage for there to be a recovery.

Generally speaking, the number one thing on HBN’s mind when a client calls concerning salvage is whether there is any pollution which may be leaking from a vessel or rig which may adversely affect the marine environment. We don’t only mean oil, there could be fuel, sewage, or waste water which may be discharging into the marine environment where it’s restricted or all together not permitted. At HBN we have represented clients in major salvage cases and have assembled a team of attorneys who has been representing clients for pollution related events for over 40 years. We have also been fortunate enough to devise a team that include veterans of the USCG and Merchant Mariners who are well versed in rescue operations, salvage, and pollution discharge/recovery.

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