Marine Insurance

Marine Insurance

Marine insurance is highly complex and only offered by very few insurance carriers worldwide. Marine insurance covers a multitude of risks, strategically centered around the ocean environment, such as loss or damage to ships, seaman, cargo and goods, terminal operations, ship building and the transfer of property over the world’s oceans. It is multifaceted and includes coverage associated with various marine specific risks, such as Protection and Indemnity, Hull and Machinery, Cargo, Casualty, and Liability. Contained within marine insurance policies are clauses which the lay attorney will not be familiar with and cannot competently advise clients under such policies. On the other hand HBN, as with many other maritime attorneys deals with marine insurance policies daily. With every aspect of advice given to clients, HBN is always aware of whether such advice may adversely affect the risks bound. Due to the unknown abyss and complexities of marine insurance, such as war risks, sue and labor, jettison, and/or the inchmaree clauses, it is of the utmost importance to contact maritime attorneys when there is any question surrounding whether a risk is covered or not. When dealing with these clauses or a marine insurance policy as a whole, HBN is of the opinion that erring on the side of caution is the best practice, and with the experience and technical knowhow of HBN’s attorneys, they are in the perfect position to advise on the intricacies of marine insurance.

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